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Avaya Cloud Office and Stratus Hosted IP Office

Our most advanced hosted and cloud telephony solutions.

West Pier is a Partner in Customer Excellence - one of only two in UK. We provide award winning business telephone systems, phone maintenance, networking solutions and consulting services.

Avaya Cloud Office
Low Start-Up Cost With Simple Integration

We are an Avaya Tier 1 Cloud Partner - Call 0344 264 5522 if you want to discuss Avaya Cloud Office.

It is quick and simple to set-up and integrate with all your existing IT, communications and CRM. Avaya Cloud Office allows you to migrate away from complicated legacy phone systems and move to a cutting-edge cloud technology with a secure, solution for all your cloud telephony communications needs all via one app. Avaya Cloud Office will allow your teams to have all the accessibility they need to seamlessly communicate and collaborate from anywhere in the world, becoming more productive, effective, and efficient as a result.

Avaya Cloud Office Pricing and Features:

Avaya Cloud Office pricing is simple to understand and will help simplify your billing. Just pick the Avaya Cloud Office pricing plan that best suites each user needs. The table below shows monthly and annual pricing per user. You can save up to 38% annually by choosing to pay annually upfront.

Avaya Cloud Office Offers:

  • For a limited time only all new Avaya Cloud Office customers will receive 20% off the cost off all licencing.*
  • Existing Avaya users get their first 2 months free and 25% off all licencing. *

*Minimum 2 year contract required.

£76.70 pa*
£8.79 pm*

  • 100 Inclusive minutes per user
  • Avaya Cloud Phone mobile and desktop apps (iOS and Android)
  • Team messaging
  • Document sharing
  • Voicemail-to-email
  • Call Logs
  • 24/7 Customer Support

£134.30 pa*
£12.79 pm*

Everything in Entry PLUS

  • 750 Inclusive minutes per user
  • On-Demand Call Recording
  • Video meetings with up to 100 participants
  • Internet fax
  • Unlimited audio conferencing
  • Multi-Level IVR
  • Up to 24-hour meeting duration
  • Quality-of-service reports
  • Popular integrations including Office 365, G Suite, Slack, and more

£182.30 pa*
£16.79 pm*

Everything in Standard PLUS

  • 2000 Inclusive minutes per user
  • Automatic Call Recording
  • Video meetings with up to 200 participants
  • Single Sign-on
  • Multi-site admin and management
  • Up to 8-digit extensions with site codes
  • Hot desking
  • Advanced call handling including whisper, barge, and more
  • Custom roles and permissions
  • Popular CRM integrations with Salesforce, Zendesk, and more
  • Developer platform and custom integrations

£230.30 pa*
£20.79 pm*

Everything in Premium PLUS

  • 4000 Inclusive minutes per user
  • Video meetings with up to 200 participants
  • Device status reports
  • Device status alerts
  • Unlimited storage
pa = per annum
pm = per month

To learn more visit our dedicated Avaya Cloud Office page

Want an Avaya Cloud Office phone system demo?

Please get in touch on 0344 264 5522 or Email Us or you can use our Live Chat feature, operational during 9.00am to 5.30pm UK time, Monday to Friday. Please see the live chat button in bottom right of every page.

Hosted Avaya IP Office (AKA Stratus)

Stratus is our hosted VoIP IP Office solution and used by some of the biggest companies in the UK. It is our most advanced cloud and hosted telephony solution. The latest and most advanced on-premise telephony features are now available to you in a hosted Avaya solution that is simple to deploy and can be tailored to your business requirements. Our Stratus hosted solution is powered by the award-winning Avaya IP Office, and unlike most of the cloud telephony solutions on the market, Stratus offers you no feature limitations as it is based on a multi-Instance architecture. Every feature possible within the solution is available for you to use and customise as required. The service is uncontended and unrestricted and fully bespoke.

Want phone system demonstration?

Please get in touch on 0344 264 5522 or Email Us.


The technology giant Avaya has selected West Pier as a specialist hosted (cloud) partner.

We are one of just eight Avaya partners in the UK who have been approved to sell the Avaya IP Office in a hosted (cloud) format, known as Stratus. The Avaya IP Office is a multi-award-winning business telephone system with a premium feature set, originally available only as an on-premise solution but now as a fully hosted Avaya IP Office solution. Our mutual trust with Avaya and our close relationship with them has allowed us to host regular events in conjunction with the technology giant at their city centre office in Tower 42, overlooking the London skyline, detailing our hosted Avaya IP Office solution known as Stratus.

Unlike most hosted (cloud) telephone systems on the market (e.g. Broadsoft or Vanilla IP), our Stratus solution is based on a multi-instance architecture which means the Stratus solution is yours and not shared with anyone else. Our Stratus (hosted Avaya IP Office) solution is uncontended and unrestricted.

Avaya-9641g deskphone

Avaya Vantage deskphone

Existing Avaya Customer?

  • Investment Protection. Where possible migrate your existing licenses and reduce your opex, re-use existing digital or VoIP handsets. Retain these assets if you decide to end your contract, avoid business disruption and change with improved continuity in user and customer experience.

Benefits of Hosted Avaya IP Office:

  • No feature limitations. Our multi-instance architecture differentiates us from the competition, you will receive every feature possible within the IP Office solution unlike most BroadSoft based solutions.
  • Flexibility in deployment. The hosted Avaya IP Office solution can be adapted to your business requirements. Partial cloud or full cloud with flexible disaster recovery and deployment options such as working with older cabling technologies or local backup hardware onsite.
  • CRM Integration. Stratus's multi-tenant architecture allows the solution to integrate with a much higher number of CRM systems and 3rd party application than most hosted telephony solutions on the market.
  • Mobile working. Employees that are not on site can make or receive calls with their mobile phones, tablets and other portable devices regardless of location.
  • Reduced Ownership Costs. Hosted Avaya IP Office phone systems are 20% cheaper to own and maintain than its competitors.
  • Unified Communications. Separate data, voice, and video networks are bought together on to one easy to use platform.
  • Contact Centre Features. Improved reporting and integration with Text, IM, Email, Voice or Social Media help improve contact centre customer service and agency efficiency.
  • Scalability. The ability to easily add or remove extensions to reflect the size of a business is a useful feature of our Stratus cloud solution.

Features comparison between all our cloud and hosted telephony products:

 = Mid-Market  = Advanced  = Premium
Fully Featured Desk Phone
Visual Voicemail with Email Delivery
Voice Recording
Mobile Twinning, Hot Desking
Conference Calling with Screen Sharing
Conference Calling with Meet-Me Conference Bridge
Hunt Groups with Queuing and Announcements
Auto Attendant
Flexible Calling Line Identity
Remote Worker Phone
Disaster Recovery and Local Redundancy
Administration and User Web Portal
Desktop Application with IM and Presence
MS Lync/Skype for Business Integration
MS Outlook Integration
Salesforce.com Integration
Smart Phone App with IM, Presence, Call Control. GPS Location Awareness
Soft Phone Application (Win & Mac)
DECT Options
Skills Based Routing
Supervisor Application
Multichannel Contact Delivery (email, web chat)
Receptionist Desktop Client Application
CRM Integration
Web Conferencing Collaboration

Additional Option: ○
Included: ✔
Not Included: ✘

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If you would like to discuss our hosted Avaya IP Office solutions or have any questions please call us on 0344 264 5522 or please email us.

Cloud telephony

West Pier Telecom is the UK's only Avaya partner to have had their customer service officially recognised by Avaya 4 years running. We provide award winning business telephone systems, networking and communication solutions, support and consultancy services.

Business telephone systems, phone maintenance and networking solutions

Unify all your communications. Access on any device.

Cloud telephony, award winning business telephone systems, phone maintenance, networking solutions and consultancy services

Cloud telephony based phone systems are highly scalable with minimal start-up cost. Sync your communications with your online systems.

Avaya Vantage K175 Multimedia Device

Meet the Avaya Vantage K175 Multimedia Device. Avaya's K175 Vantage Devices offer Google Play access. Avaya Vantage Voice Assistant is one of newest apps available for you to download. The Voice Assistant App allows users to work with configurable Hot word phrases such as 'Hey Vantage, Call Mia', allowing for a completely touchless interaction with the device.

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West Pier is fully accredited with ISO 9001

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