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Business Mobile Phones

Enable your workforce to solely use mobile phones and completely remove the need for landlines.

West Pier is a Partner in Customer Excellence - one of only two in UK. We provide award winning business telephone systems, phone maintenance, networking solutions and consulting services.

Enable your workforce to solely use mobiles

Remove the need and cost associated with landlines and ISDN

West Pier can help you smoothly move all your staff over to solely using business mobile phones and remove the need for landlines. More and more companies are saving money and improving efficiency by moving over to mobiles. Remove the need and rental cost associated with ISDN. ISDN is also being completely phased out by BT, starting in 2020. Make the move now to SIP and you will benefit from free calls to mobiles.

Business Mobile Phones

Are you looking at mobile working solutions?

West Pier provides business mobile phones to customers all over the UK. At West Pier we like giving our customers the option of a holistic solution. It is for this reason that we used our existing contacts and market power to negotiate agreements between us and major mobile network operators including Vodafone, O2 and EE to give our customers the best business mobile phone deals. Take away the hassle of managing your own service by letting us do it for you. We can source you the best deal for your company and handle your billing options.

Best Business Mobile Phone Deals in the UK

Mobile tariffs for business mobile phones can be complex and confusing. At West Pier we are experts at analysing your business mobile phones needs and proposing the best business mobile phone tariffs and options available. We have saved customers thousands of pounds on their business mobile phone tariffs. We serve customers all over the UK. A new business mobile phone tariff from the network providers could even include free calls to and from your office or free calls over WIFI networks. Contact us at least three months before your business mobile phones contract ends for a proposal. If you would like an instant quote please contact us now on 0344 264 5522.

Free Calls to Mobiles Offer

At West Pier Telecom we are offering free calls to mobiles on our SIP Trunks where we provide 2000 minutes per channel per month to major mobile phone networks including O2, Vodafone, EE and Gamma. The mobile minutes are on top of the minutes already offered to local and national numbers commencing with 01, 02 and 03. Please click here for more.

Cashback and hardware fund

West Pier offer a great deal of flexibility to businesses who choose us as their mobile provider. You can choose either a hardware fund or to receive that fund as cashback instead. This allows firms who wish to make use of their existing hardware the option to receive that fund as cashback instead.

Business mobile phone solutions

If you would like to discuss our business mobile phone solutions or have any questions please call us on 0344 264 5522 or please email us.

Business mobile phone solutions

West Pier Telecom is the UK's only Avaya partner to have had their customer service officially recognised by Avaya 4 years running. We provide award winning business telephone systems, networking and communication solutions, support and consultancy services.

Business telephone systems, phone maintenance and networking solutions

Unify all your communications. Access on any device.

Mobile phones for business.

West Pier is fully accredited with ISO 9001:2015

West Pier is fully accredited with ISO 9001

Certificate No 10570