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Avaya Cloud Office

West Pier is delighted to offer the Avaya Cloud Office communications solution to UK and International businesses.

West Pier is a Partner in Customer Excellence - one of only two in UK. We provide award winning business telephone systems, phone maintenance, networking solutions and consulting services.

Avaya Cloud Office

Avaya Cloud Office solutions

In October 2019, Avaya and RingCentral announced an exciting strategic partnership. In the first half of 2020, the 2 industry leaders will bring Avaya Cloud Office to market.

What is Avaya Cloud Office?

Avaya Cloud Office is Avaya's flagship cloud-based telephony and unified communications platform. Its feature rich cloud telephony provides 100+ premium features and can be set up in 24 hours.

Avaya Cloud Office offers great telephony, messaging, video conferencing and meetings capabilities as standard.

Standard Features:

Cloud Phone System

A flexible cloud phone system with added Avaya IP Office features:
Team Messaging

Revolutionise your business communications with:
Online Meetings

Online Meetings offer:
  • HD Voice
  • Call Forwarding
  • Feature Rich
  • Reliable Support directly from Avaya
  • File sharing
  • Video
  • Messaging
  • Create and manage tasks
  • HD quality web and video conferencing
  • Screen sharing and more
  • No waiting times for conferences

You can add an advanced, multichannel contact centre to your solution if you wish. Everything is flexible to suit the nature of your business and how it operates, so it can be tailored to you.

Avaya Cloud Office Contact Centre (Optional)

Connect to your customers on their channel of choice and improve agent performance with advanced analytics. The Avaya open office architecture allows for a high level of 3rd party integration.

  • Omnichannel customer routing
  • CRM software integrations
  • Actionable call centre analytics and reporting
  • Agent management software

Why choose Avaya Cloud Office?

With Avaya Cloud Office, you are getting the best of 2 worlds. Avaya are the worldwide market leaders in traditional on-premise telephony with over 100 million seats worldwide, with RingCentral holding the #1 spot in the Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) space.

The RingCentral platform has been running at five nines availability for 3 consecutive years. Avaya software engineers have been given full access to the Gartner recognised RingCentral UCaaS solution and have developed it further, eventually combining it with the best Avaya IP Office features.

"Avaya Cloud Office brings you best of breed functionality, delivered through the best of breed, most robust, most global, most usable solution."

Vlad Shmunis
CEO and Founder of RingCentral

Allow your employees to work on any device and from any location whilst centralising your billing. Moving your communications to the Avaya Cloud Office platform will offer you the latest in unified communications capabilities whilst simplifying your telecom infrastructure. Avaya Cloud Office is built on top of the multi-award-winning robust Avaya IP Office platform so you can have peace of mind.

If you would like to discuss our Avaya Cloud Office solutions or have any questions please call us on 0344 264 5522 or please email us.

Cloud telephony

West Pier is a Partner in Customer Excellence, one of only two in the UK, because we have consistently achieved very high scores in customer satisfaction surveys. We provide award winning business telephone systems, networking and communication solutions, support and consultancy services.

Business telephone systems, phone maintenance and networking solutions

Unify all your communications. Access on any device.

Cloud telephony, award winning business telephone systems, phone maintenance, networking solutions and consultancy services

Cloud telephony based phone systems are highly scalable with minimal start-up cost. Sync your communications with your online systems.

West Pier is fully accredited with ISO 9001:2015

West Pier is fully accredited with ISO 9001

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