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Elevating Communications with Gamma Horizon

Advanced cloud and hosted telephony without the price tag.

West Pier is a Partner in Customer Excellence - one of only two in UK. We provide award winning business telephone systems, phone maintenance, networking solutions and consulting services.

Gamma Horizon communication solutions

Elevating Communications with Gamma Horizon

We are proud to partner with Gamma Horizon, a pioneer in next-generation communication solutions. Known for their holistic approach to business communications, Gamma Horizon offers an array of solutions designed to transform your communication landscape and foster seamless collaboration.

Horizon Contact: An Omnichannel Experience

At the heart of Gamma Horizon's offering is Horizon Contact, an all-encompassing, omnichannel communication platform. Designed with a seamless, single 'pane of glass' view, Horizon Contact consolidates calls, emails, wallboards, statistics, and more in one intuitive interface. Optional add-ons include webchat and outbound SMS, with additional forms of communication planned for the future.

As a Gamma owned and maintained product, Horizon Contact is consistently updated based on feedback from users like you. This level of adaptability and customer focus ensures that the platform always remains cutting-edge, and crucially, tailored to your needs.

Microsoft Teams Operator Connect: Power Meets Flexibility

Gamma Horizon extends its innovation to Microsoft Teams integration with Operator Connect. This partnership leverages Gamma's market-leading support to provide a comprehensive Microsoft Teams phone system. Notably, Gamma is one of only two UK wholesale providers offering such a service, setting them apart in the market. Their solution includes STCM as a standard DR solution, enhancing the resilience of your business communication.

PhoneLine+/SimpleSwap: Streamlining Communications

The PhoneLine+ and SimpleSwap solutions by Gamma Horizon are a breakthrough in the world of hosted phone systems. These solutions offer features like call stats, out-of-office announcements, and more, enhancing your communication efficiency. PhoneLine+ is designed to replace traditional landlines, offering a digitally hosted phone system that is more flexible, scalable, and feature-rich than its predecessors. Gamma Horizon's SimpleSwap service streamlines the transition process from your existing provider to their solution, offering a unified order journey for porting, connectivity, and PhoneLine+ or Horizon.

What else can Gamma Horizon can provide?

Unified Communications

Gamma Horizon excels in unified communications, providing solutions that effortlessly integrate across multiple devices. Whether it's voice, video, or instant messaging, your teams can connect, collaborate, and drive productivity from wherever they are. This integration is designed to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes, ensuring improved productivity and agility.

Cloud Telephony

Gamma Horizon's cloud telephony solutions offer remarkable flexibility and scalability. These solutions enable swift adaptation to changing business requirements, ensuring your communication infrastructure evolves in tandem with your business growth.

Hosted PBX Systems

With Gamma Horizon's hosted PBX solutions, your business gains the benefits of an advanced telephone system without the need for extensive on-site hardware. These systems are flexible, cost-effective, and deliver superior call quality, thereby promoting efficient communication within your organization.

Disaster Recovery

Gamma Horizon's solutions are equipped with robust disaster recovery capabilities to ensure your business continuity remains uncompromised in the face of unexpected events.

Call Analytics and Availability Indicators

Gamma Horizon recorded calls

Gamma Horizon's advanced call analytics solutions enable your business to monitor call activities, gain valuable insights, and make data-driven decisions. Their Horizon Collaborate solution also provides an always-active status display to help optimize your communication methods.

Video Conferencing and Instant Collaboration

The video calling feature enhances team collaboration with immersive visual communication. The 'My Room' feature in Horizon Collaborate provides an instant, managed conference space for voice, video, and screen-sharing collaborations, facilitating more efficient teamwork.

Advanced Voicemail and Hot-Desking

The enhanced voicemail system in Horizon Collaborate allows you to listen to messages directly from your desktop, save important voicemails, or forward them to your entire team. The hot-desking feature allows you to use your personalized number and settings on any phone within your network, offering exceptional workplace flexibility.

Home Worker Functionality

With the Home Worker feature in Horizon Collaborate, you can seamlessly bring your professional profiles and settings into your home office, ensuring productive, professional remote work.

At West Pier Telecom, we're thrilled to integrate these industry-leading solutions from Gamma Horizon into our service portfolio. Our expert team is eager to understand your specific needs and design a tailored, future-proof solution for your business. Choose West Pier Telecom for the highest quality services and solutions from Gamma. Get in touch today and let us help revolutionize your business communications.

If you would like to discuss our Gamma Horizon solutions or have any questions please call us on 0344 264 5522 or please email us.

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