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Five9 Cloud Contact Centre and Call Centre Software

West Pier is proud to be a Five9 partner providing voice and unified communications services for call centres around the UK.

West Pier is a Partner in Customer Excellence - one of only two in UK. We provide award winning business telephone systems, phone maintenance, networking solutions and consulting services.

Five9 Cloud Contact Centre

Five9 UK hosted and cloud telephony

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The Five9 Intelligent Cloud Contact Centre is a purely cloud-based omnichannel contact centre solution that offers a rich feature set and a high degree of flexibility for your contact centre. Companies can turn agent seats on and off as needed, and avoid the hassle of maintaining infrastructure.

Five9 Cloud Flexibility and 3rd Party Integration

As Five9 is a cloud-based contact / call centre solution, your agents can log in from anywhere. All they need is a computer, a headset and an internet connection. No software downloads are necessary. Your agent just logs in to the Five9 portal or their well-known CRM system and they are good to go.

The Five9 solution is vendor agnostic, which means it will work as a standalone contact centre solution, but can also be integrated with 3rd party applications such as CRM systems. The Five9 call centre software provides a number of prebuilt 3rd party plug-ins with leading CRM systems such as Zendesk, Salesforce, ServiceNow, Microsoft and Oracle. Beside this, Five9 is the perfect contact centre (call centre) solution for those companies using Zoom or Microsoft Teams (formerly known as Microsoft Skype For Business). The integration between Five9 and Microsoft Teams provides agents access to subject matter experts that are using Teams. Agents can see the presence of Teams users, grouped by expertise, in their Agent Desktop application.

If you have ever wanted a Microsoft Teams contact centre or contact centre for Zoom solution then Five9s will be the answer.

Five9 is a leader in 3rd party integration so if your CRM is a bespoke solution tailored specifically to your business, you will probably still use the service. The open architecture and wide range of cloud APIs of the Five9 solution enable advanced software integrations with other applications and services.

Five9 cloud contact centre also fully integrates with Zoom, Microsoft Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams and many more applications, allowing you to seamlessly add voice technology to your popular applications.

Five9 is omnichannel and highly intelligent (Call Routing)

Customer expectations are always on the rise and the modern customer, B2B or B2C expects to make contact with businesses on their channel of choice whether it be text, telephone, chat, email or on social media. Not only does Five9 support all these channels and more but one agent can interact with customers on multiple channels, all from a single desktop and intuitive interface. Five9's AI is able to select the agent whose skills are best suited to take a call and route that call to them. If they are busy, Five9's software will route the customer to the second or third best choice.

Five9 Cloud Contact Centre and Call Centre Software

Reporting and Analytics

Like every great contact centre solution, Five9 has really taken the time to create reporting and analytics tools that give valuable insight into both team and individual performance by leveraging real-time and historical data. With a wide range of pre-configured reports and the ability to create custom reports, you will get deep insights into your contact centre operations.

The Five9 Performance Dashboard provides a variety of real-time business performance metrics in a role-based and visually dynamic format, via wallboards, which can target supervisors, agents, and executives with the right critical data from disparate systems like WFO and CRM.

Workforce Optimisation

Are you are looking for a solution that can help plan and spread resources intelligently when they are scarce? A tool that can help create efficiencies to meet your KPIs? Five9 WFO tools help you find a balance between contact centre efficiency and customer satisfaction. Five9`s tools can help forecast contact volume, schedule contact centre staff based on workload, plan for special events, proactively manage intraday change and much more.


Contact centres can be an interesting place to work, boring one moment and emotionally charged in the next. Five9 have developed Gamification to help influence agent behaviour and productivity whilst making the workplace more fun.

Identify your KPI`s and then use coins, avatars and badges to create games that everyone can play. The games are designed to positively influence agent behaviour. Agents can redeem coins at the marketplace in exchange for event tickets, cash or other prizes.

Unrivalled training modules

Five9 feel like they have a lot to shout about and they are probably right. The Five9 training program, Five9 University, is the official training program that covers every capability of the Five9 cloud contact centre solution. The program is divided into modules, each of which reviews essential features and best practices for contact centre operations and provides the information needed to become Five9 Certified.

Getting new staff members to shadow a more experienced one is often the preferred method. This slows down the experienced staff member and ultimately costs the company money. Five9 have invested a lot of time and resource developing training modules that allow a new member of staff full access to the system whilst sitting through the modules. These modules include: Online training, Instructor-led training courses, training webinars and custom trainings.

The training is designed to get new staff members using the system effectively and independently, and as quickly as possible.

All the bells and whistles

Five9 has been ranked as a leader by Gartner in their Contact Centre as a Service Magic Quadrant for 2019. This is the 5th year in a row that Five9 has accomplished this sought-after feat. If you look at all the features the software suite contains, it`s not hard to see why. In addition to all the functionality shown above, Five9 also includes, but is not limited to, advanced features as follows:

Skills-based Routing

Predictive Dialler
Progressive Dialler
Preview Dialler
Power Dialler

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If you would like to discuss the Five9 Cloud Contact Centre and Call Centre Software or have any questions please call us on 0344 264 5522 or please email us.

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