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Five9 Cloud Contact (Call) Centre for Microsoft Teams

Five9 cloud contact centre fully integrates with Microsoft Teams unified communications solution (formerly Skype for Business)

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Five9 Contact Centre for Microsoft Teams

Five9 Cloud Contact (Call) Centre for Microsoft Teams

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In July 2019, it was announced that Microsoft Teams (formerly known as Microsoft Skype For Business) had selected Five9 as a strategic partner. Since then, Microsoft and Five9 have been developing their two solutions to work in harmony and offer a seamless experience, those two solutions are Five9's Contact Centre for Microsoft Teams.

Below is a statement from Five9's president, Dan Burkland, the statement is from July 2019:
"We are very pleased to partner closely with Microsoft Teams to deliver a superior end-to-end solution to our customers,"

"With the addition of Teams, we can now deliver a fully integrated solution encompassing Teams, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and Five9, which enables the digital enterprise to deliver unparalleled customer experience."

Dan Burkland, Five9 President.

So why choose Five9 as your contact centre solution for Microsoft Teams?

Five9 Cloud Contact Centre Solution

Five9 is a feature rich omnichannel contact centre solution with an extremely rich feature set and all the flexibility of a cloud solution. Five9 is vendor agnostic, which means that the solution will work with a wide range of 3rd party solutions.

There are no large upfront costs when choosing Five9, you just pay a low monthly fee.

For a full Five9 breakdown visit our Five9 page.

Five9 Cloud Contact (Call) Centre for Microsoft Teams

An Official Microsoft Partner

Five9 is an official Microsoft partner. A lot of technology partners will try to engineer their product to work with Microsoft solutions out of necessity, but you cannot guarantee a seamless integration unless that technology provider has worked hand in hand with Microsoft when engineering the solution.

Five9 features and benefits:

  • Omnichannel. An intelligent, omnichannel solution with advanced call routing.
  • Insightful reporting. Gain valuable insight into your team or agent performance with reports that utilise historical and real-time data.
  • WFO. Help spread thin resources effectively and track KPIs with a range of workforce optimisation tools.
  • Gamification. Agents can redeem coins at the market place in exchange for event tickets, cash or other prizes. Five9's Gamification makes selling fun.
  • Training. Five9 have invested a lot of time and resource developing training modules that allow new staff members full access to the system whilst sitting through the modules.

If you would like to discuss the Five9 Cloud Contact (Call) Centre for Microsoft Teams or have any questions please call us on 0344 264 5522 or please email us.

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